Our History

Lyra Consulting, a recent rebranding of Lyra Studio, was founded in the late 80s by Giovanni Mauri (1956 – 2017), an Italian system administrator, IT-expert, writer and trainer. The main goal of the company was supporting Italian businesses to implement and use state-of-the-art technologies.

Through the years, the Lyra team was involved in a variety of projects, based on many different technologies: UNIX, Windows NT, Vax, Java, Virtual Machines, network systems and databases.

Fabio, Giovanni’s older son and current CEO, added web development to the company’s portfolio and, thanks to his many contacts abroad, he reached out to European clients. HP, Microsoft, Swarovski AG and the European Commission are just a few prestigious names our team had the honor to cooperate with.

In the last years, responding to the market’s increasing requests, we moved our expertise towards communication and web technologies, with a particular focus on Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, Web Graphics and Photography.

Following the desire to be location-independent, Lyra Consulting works with numerous consultants in different parts of the world. Contact us, no matter where you are, and let’s discuss your project!