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The greatest minds of all mankind are threatened by giants meteorites containing mathematical operations. To save these thinkers, four protective shields were installed just above their precious heads and a protonic cannon was built to shoot the meteorites. Each meteorites contains an operation to solve. Type the result of the operation and hit the spacebar. If the meteorites destroy the shields our awesome intellectuals, to whom we owe so much, will be lost forever.

Didactical Method
(no points, no speed)
Admitted operators
(operators to use)
Highest number
(between 10 and 30)
New starting at points

More About Settings

It's not possible to delete digitized numbers. Therefore, if you realize you did a mistake, press space bar and then re digitize the number.

Above you find the game options. You can choose which operators you want to fight and the maximum value of operands (with maximum value 3, for instance, you will have only 0, 1, 2, 3 digit combined with the chosen operators). Obviously, the higher the operands are, the more points you will receive when you destroy a meteorite.

Special Thanks

The game basic idea was taken from the application Tux of Math. This program, that I'd probably never found without the hint of Mathmum of base5Forum, is very funny and open source. I invite you to download it and spread it. A big thank to Pietro who checked my English translation!