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I just published Along the Danube

my book about travel, love and music.

If you liked Fabio's Room, it won't disappoint you.


The Videogames Section collects some small videogames I programmed about fifteen years ago with Macromedia/Adobe Flash, a dying technology. I still preserve them as a memory of the happy days when I could program without boundaries.

I have been an avid videogame player, but uniquely of Arcade or Platform games, in which the target is clear and the key combination is limited. Among my favorite videogames you can find Gradius III (immortal), Abe's Oddysee (mind-blowing), Crash Bandicoot (colorful), Pac-Man e Space Invaders (some classics). This section is my personal tribute to those designers and programmers that made me dream with their virtual worlds.

My videogames received positive reviews on Flashkit.com, at the time one of the biggest flash developers community. On that website you can find the source code of my videogames (a good ol' Actionscript 2 spaghetti code) and the animations I used.