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"Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate"
(Occam's Razor, XIV Century)


  1. One more rainy afternoon during a holiday in the gray Graubünden Canton (Switzerland)
  2. A cousin who is trying to translate a text from Ancient Greek;
  3. Un uncle who owns a very rare copy of the Dictionary of Ancient Unit of Measurements;
  4. A bored software engineer who is supposed to be studying electrotechnics

These are the ingredients you need to build the essential Ancient Measurements Converter, which can be useful to answer everyday life's questions, such as:
"How many parasangs from here till home?" or"How much is my daily allowance in Thalers?".

In these circumstances the Ancient Measurements Converter is the most useful thing to use!

Latin Units
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Ancient Greek and Persian Units
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Surface Latin Units
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Units for Liquids
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Latin Mass Units
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Latin Coins
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Gold: 12 €/g
Silver: 7 €/g (fonte)
Copper: 0.0069 €/g (fonte)
Other Coins
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